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Std. VII ( Notes)



7_History_L.No.4_Maharashtra Before The Times of Shivaji Maharaj , L.No 6_ConflictWith Mughals



7_Civics_L.No.3_Features of Constitution

7_Civics_L.No.4_Fundamental Rights

7_History_L.No.5_Fundamental Rights II

7_History_L.No.5_The Foundation of the Swaraj

7_History India During the Mourya Period

7_Maths 6 Algebraic Expression

7_Maths 7 Linear Equations

7_English_Unit 4 Life's Mirror

7_Eng_Unit Four A Schooldays in 1500 BC

7_Geography_L.No.6_Natural Regions


7_Geography_L.No.8_How Seasons Occur



Std. VIII ( Notes)
8_English L. No. 1.3 The pilgrim
8_English L. No. 1.4 Revathi_s Musical Plants
8_English L. No. 2.3 The worm
8_English Unit 2 L. No. 2.1 Vocation
8_English Grammar_L.No.6_The correct use of verb & Tense
8_English Vision for India
8_English Happy Prince
8_Marathi_L.No.8_Giryarohanacha Anubhav
8_History 10. Armed Revolutionary Forces2
8_Civics 4. The Indian judiciary system Kite Festival
8_Eng_L.No.3.3_The Last Leaf Plate Of God Use
8_Science_L.No.16_Reflection of Light
8_Science_L.No.17_Man Made Materials
8_Science_ 18_Ecosystems
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