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Std. V ( Notes)

English_L.No.6_Grammar_Simple present Questions 

English_LNo.6_Wisdom Seller  Grammar_L.No.7_Simple present tense Question words 

L.No.8 Simple Past tense 


Marathi L.No9 Pola Awdata San

Hindi L.No.6 Swastya Mantra



Geography EVS_L.No.7_Let us solve our problem  L.No.8_Publics Facilities and My School

L.No. 9 MAPS—OUR COMPANIONS  L.No. 10 Getting to Know India

Science  L.No.6 Animal Lifestyle L.No.7 Bones and Muscle L.No.8 Nurvouse System

5_Hindi_L.No.9_Lohpurush Sardar Patel

5_Hindi_L.NO.10_Pate Ki Baat

5_Science_L.No.9_Safety and First Aid

5_EVS2_L.No.6_Stone Age _Stone Tool


EVS ll L. no. 7 From shelters to village Settlement

5_Science_L.No.10_Simple Machines

5_Hindi_Lno.११_कदंब का पेड़,  lno.12 अशोक का शस्त्र त्याग

English L.No.8_A Dragon Called Tsunami  L.No.7_T he Question of Mangoes

Grammar L.NO. 9 SimplePastTense , L.No. 10  Eng.Gra.Ls.10 ,L.No. 11 Eng.Gram Ls.11


5_Science_L.No.12_Air, Water & Weather

5_EVS_L.No.8 & 9

5_Science_ Lno 13_Natural Calamities

5_Science_L.No.14_Interdependance In Nature

5_EVS1_L.No.18.The Environment and US

5_EVS1_L.No.19. Constituents of Food

5_EVS1_L_No_20_Our Emotional World

5_EVS_1 L.No 17 Cloths- our Necessity


Std. VI ( Notes)

English  : L.No.6_Possessive adjectives and pronouns L.n. 7 Uses of self  L.No.8 Adverb Order

English_Unit 2_Section2_.Grain as big as Hen's egg    Section3_One grain of Rice  

English_Section4_The king's breakfast (Poem) Unit 3_Section1 Tabby's Tablecloth

Math’s  L.No.6 Integer    

Marathi L.No6 He khare khare whave

English L.No. 2 Eng_Mawlynnong ,  L.No. 3 The Maleo Birds , L.No 4 _Courage (Poem)

Grammar L.No. 9 Eng.Gra.Ls.9 , L.No. 10 Eng. Gra.LS.10 ,L.No. 11 Eng.Gra.Ls.11

6_History_L.No.3_Harappan Civilization

6_History_L.No.5_Religious Trends in Ancient India 

6_History_L.No.6_Janapadas and Mahajanapadas

History L.No.The Indian subcontienent and History, L.No4  Urbbn Local Gov. Bodies

Civics L.No. 1 Our Life in Scociety  L.No.2 Diversity_in_Society

Science L.No.4 Sorting material into Groups L.No. 5 Separation of Substance

Science 6_L.No.6_Changes around us   L.No.7_Getting to know plants

6_History_L.No.4_The Vedic Civilization

6_Marathi_L.No.9_Ghar L.No10_Baba Cha Pratra L.No11_Meenu Cha Jalpravas

6_Science_L.No.8_Body Movement

6_Civics_L.No.3_Rural Government Bodies

6 Maths L.No.6 Fractions

6  Maths L.No.7 Decimals

6_Geography_L.No.6_Importance of Oceans

6_Geography_L.No.7_Rock and Rock Types

6_Geography_L.No.8_Natural Resources

6_Hindi_Varsha Jal Sanchayan

6_Science_ Lno 9_Living Organisms

6_Science_ Lno 10_Motion and Measurement of time

6_Science_L.No.11_Light, Shadow and Reflection

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