Nalanda English Medium School, Nanded
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(Note - Academic Session - 2020 - 21 - Download all subject notes and write in class Note book)

Std. V ( Notes)

English  Poem: The brave little kite  I Have To Write A Poem L.No.4 Pandora’s Box Grammar:Simple Present Tense L.No.5 A Stranger by the Window Grammar:Simple Present Tense

Math’s L. No 4 : Fraction

MarathiL. No 4 : Kushagra Raja

HindiL.No.3 : L.No.5 Madar Teresa

L.No.6 Swastya Mantra



History L. No.3



Geography L.No.3 :The Earth and its Living World L.No. 5 & 6 Family Value L.No. 9 MAPS—OUR COMPANIONS  L.No. 10 Getting to Know India

Science L.No.3 :L.No.4 Livind Thing L.No.5  L.No.6 Animal Lifestyle L.No.7 Bones and Muscle L.No.8 Nurvouse System


Std. VI ( Notes)

English  : Vidamundan And Kodamundan  Then Laugh

English Grammar :L.No.4 Elementary Negatives and Questions L.No.5: Possessive Case Of Nouns

Math’s  L.No.4 Playing With Numbers L. No. 5 HCF and LCM L.No.6 Integer    5  Understanding Elementry Shapes

Marathi L. No 4: Mahiti Gheuya L.No. 5 Sugarniche Gharte L.No6 He khare khare whave

Hindi L.No.3 : Prashno ke uttr Likho

History L.No.The Indian subcontienent and History

Civics L.No. 1 Introduction to our Constitution  Our Life in Scociety

Science L.No.4 Sorting material into Groups L.No. 5 Separation of Substance

Notice Board
  • Homework Grade X students use E-learning Tab - Notes/Subject Enrichment Activities. Download and Complete the Notes/Activities of (Information Technology/Mathematics/Marathi/Social Science/Hindi) in Class Note Book/Project Papers/Long Papers.
    28 Mar 2020

  • Activity Grade IX Students complete the activity/Notes (Science / Geography/English/Marathi/Social Science/Hindi/Science) in Class Note Book / Project Papers/Long Papers.
    28 Mar 2020