Nalanda English Medium School, Nanded
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(Note - Academic Session - 2020 - 21 - Download all subject notes and write in class Note book)


Std. I ( Notes)


L. No 6 Damaru aur Bhura L. No 7 Mela

 L. No. 6 Our Food L.No.7_Water

1_Marathi_L.No.6_Fale Vacha ani Liha, L.No 7 Bhajya Wacha Ani Liha

1_English_L.No.7_At The Zero


1_Hindi_L.No.8_Sunah Ki Sair

1_Hindi_L.No.9_Khushi Manao(Poem)

1_Hindi_L.No.10_Mausi Ka Ghar

1_Maths_Unit 4_Skip Counting_Multiplication & Division

1_Maths_Unit5_Digital Number

1_EVS_L.No.10_My Family


Std. II ( Notes)


Hindi  L.No. 6 Chandrama L.No.7 Buddhi Ka Bal L.No.8 Sach Ki Sikh

EVS  L.No.6  Air  L.No.7  Keeping Fit  L.No.8 Our Family   L.No.9 Our Festivals  L.No.10  Our Houses

2_Marathi_L.No.11_To Ti Te Liha, L.No.12 Awayav

EVS_2_ L.12_ Our School

EVS_2_ L.11_Our Neighbourhood

2_Hindi_L.No.9_Chatur Khargosh 

2_Hindi_L.No.10_Chand Ka Kurta

2_English_L.No.7_The Monkey and His Tail

2_Hindi_L.No.11_Shaikh Ubana Shaikh  Chilli

EVS_2 L 13_Safety Rules

EVS_2_L 14_Means of Transport

Maths_2_Unit 7 Indian currency


Notice Board
  • Homework Grade X students use E-learning Tab - Notes/Subject Enrichment Activities. Download and Complete the Notes/Activities of (Information Technology/Mathematics/Marathi/Social Science/Hindi) in Class Note Book/Project Papers/Long Papers.
    28 Mar 2020

  • Activity Grade IX Students complete the activity/Notes (Science / Geography/English/Marathi/Social Science/Hindi/Science) in Class Note Book / Project Papers/Long Papers.
    28 Mar 2020